Friday, December 15, 2017

Today, I was trying to experiment a bit with the go programming language.  I wanted to get started, but the 'install' section of the golang site seemed a bit daunting, and I figured I should use a tool similar to 'RVM' or 'rbenv' from the ruby space for go.  I discovered, but ran into a small hiccup.  The install instructions were to pipe some commands into a bash shell, but after running them, the `gvm` command appeared to be invoking something else!  

From the output, it appeared to be sdkman, which previously was called gvm for 'groovy version manager'. It appears that the install of sdk man places it's files into ~/.sdkman, in addition to calling thing in all three of ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc, and ~/.bash_profile.  I had to explicitly clear out the statements sourcing the sdkman binaries to allow gvm to function properly.  

After clearing out sdkman, I was able to successfully get the latest go installed (after installing go 1.4 from a binary, due to the source compile failing).  `which gvm` now pointted at the go gvm, instead of sdkman!