Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Who zookeeps the zookeepers?

Hello everyone!

I am wondering if anyone in the DevOps community knows of a good way to manage Zookeeper instances in an autoscaling group on Amazon AWS... here's some background.

I am using puppet to manage the instances, with a custom fact based on a tag to set a 'role', using the roles and profiles pattern.

The zookeeper configuration file needs to know about all of the other instances available.  Should I use a script run on the master (with the generate function) to pull down a list of EC2s in that scaling group using the aws command?  Custom fact on the box (using a similar command)?

I did see a serverfault post on using puppetDB.  We haven't used puppetdb yet in our environment, and due to security policies, it takes a while to add new software to our environment.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for managing the zookeeper config's list of servers?

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