Friday, February 27, 2015

Expect the unexpected!

I have been working with linux since Highschool (which isn't as long ago for me as it is for some), and I have just found a new command-line tool!


I was attempting to automate the 'store user config' process, and the weblogic.Admin way of doing it wasn't behaving(complaining about invalid pad in the key), so I was defaulting back to the WLST command.  I ran into the same problem described here.  Since in my specific scenario, I needed some environment configuration that didn't translate properly, I needed a way to execute it directly in my bash script.

Using the following WLST script (here's the one from StackOverflow above)
I tried piping output directly into the command.... which didn't work!

yes | java -cp $PATH_TO_WEBLOGIC_JAR weblogic.WLST"
java -cp $PATH_TO_WEBLOGIC_JAR weblogic.WLST" << EOF

After a coworker suggested "expect", I came up with the following solution...

## Do some stuff to set up the env similar to weblogic's included

CMD="java -cp $PATH_TO_WEBLOGIC_JAR weblogic.WLST"

expect -c "
  set timeout -1
  spawn \"$CMD\"
  expect \"y or n\"
  send \"y\r\"
  expect eof

The expect command will 'spawn' the java process.  It will wait until it sees the "y or n" portion of output from the script, when it will then 'send' a y followed by a newline to the program.

The first line, 'set timeout -1' was because creating the key file takes longer then the default timeout in expect, so it would terminate early (leaving behind a 0 length file)

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