Saturday, February 14, 2015

Weblogic Identity Asserter and Athorization Provider in one!

When trying to create a Custom Identity Asserter AND Authorization Provider MBean for weblogic, I ran into some trouble..  After following all of the examples, I was unable to get my MBean to behave as both!

While trying to find solutions, my googleFu turned up a few lead that left me feeling like it could not be done.

 The problem I had was if my MDF file extended IdentityAsserter, it would not contain a method to 'getControlFlag' to pass to the LoginModule.

I found this great example at The only problem?  He skirts around the same issue by manually assigning a constant value to the controlFlag that gets passed to the AppConfigurationEntry in the getConfiguration() method.  

 public void initialize(ProviderMBean mbean, SecurityServices services)
    SimpleSampleIdentityAsserterMBean myMBean = (SimpleSampleIdentityAsserterMBean)mbean;
    description  = myMBean.getDescription() + "\n" + myMBean.getVersion();
    controlFlag = LoginModuleControlFlag.SUFFICIENT;
  private AppConfigurationEntry getConfiguration(HashMap options)
      System.out.println("SimpleSampleIdentityAsserterProviderImpl: getConfiguration");
    // make sure to specify the simple sample authenticator's login module
    // and to use the control flag from the simple sample authenticator's mbean.
    return new

In that example, he has the following in the MDF.  If I had this, My MBean would not build with the getControlFlag() method.
 Extends       = ""

If I extended the Authenticator, my assertIdentity() methods from the IdentityAsserter would never get called, but I WOULD have the getControlFlag() method
 Extends       = ""

Turns out this is an easy fix.  There is an attribute value for Implements in the MDF Element Syntax. Having an MBeanType similar to the following solved my problem!

 Name          = "SimpleSampleIdentityAsserter"
 DisplayName   = "SimpleSampleIdentityAsserter"
 Package       = ""
 Extends       = ""
 Implements    = ""
 PersistPolicy = "OnUpdate"

This allows it to implement all the features of both, but be a single entry that you can add to your weblogic security realm.

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