Thursday, November 3, 2016

Getting double use out of your Serverspec tests with Sensu

Hey Everyone! Second post for #vDM30in30!

I wanted to mention something that I learned at the Watching the Puppet Show presentation at #PuppetConf 2016, given by Sean Porter.

I had heard of Sensu before, but didn't know most of the details about it's operation.  You can find out about sensu at

The most interesting part of the talk was that there exists a Sensu Serverspec integration... This allows you to use your Acceptance tests written in Serverspec as monitoring rules for your agents/nodes.  This helps keep you from rewriting the same 'logic' in both your acceptance tests and in your monitoring scripts.  If it is important enough to test for, you probably want to know if your operational app is behaving in the correct manner as well!

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