Saturday, November 12, 2016

#vDM30in30 - 11

I had some time yesterday, so I finally had the chance to start watching some of the puppet-conf presentations that I did not get a chance to attend personally.. As a reminder, you can find the slides and videos here.

I may morph this into a more 'static' page on my site, and dive in with some thoughts about certain presentations..

Attended -

A Roadmap for a Platform: Mixing Metaphors for Fun and Profit – Eric Sorenson, Puppet (videos) (slides)
Proof of Concept to 30K+ Hosts with Puppet - Petersen Allen, Salesforce (videos) (slides)
Cloud, Containers & the Impact on IT - Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft (videos) (slides)

Puppet Troubleshooting - Thomas Uphill (videos) (slides)
Turning Pain Into Gain - A Unit Testing Story - Nadeem Ahmad & Jordan Moldow (videos)(slides)
Watching the Puppet Show – Sean Porter, Heavy Water Operations (videos) (slides)
Avoiding Toxic Technical Debt Derivatives – R. Tyler Croy, CloudBees, Inc. (videos) (slides)
Using HashiCorp's Vault With Puppet – Seth Vargo, HashiCorp (videos) (slides)
Running Puppet Software in Docker Containers – Gareth Rushgrove, Puppet (videos) (slides)
DevOps Where You Wouldn't Have Expected – Thomas Limoncelli, (videos) (slides)
The Future of Testing Puppet Code – Gareth Rushgrove, Puppet (videos) (slides)

Watched -

Service Discovery and Puppet – Marc Cluet, Ukon Cherry (video) (slides)
Enjoying the Journey from Puppet 3.x to 4.x – Rob Nelson, AT&T (videos) (slides)
Collaboration and Empowerment: Driving Change in Infrastructure with Culture – Martin Jackson, Walmart (videos) (slides)
A Look at Looking in the Mirror Actionable Retrospectives - J. Paul Reed (videos) (slides)
External Data in Puppet 4 – R.I. Pienaar (videos) (slides)
Scaling Puppet on AWS ECS with Terraform and Docker – Maxime Visonneau, Trainline (videos) (slides)
Case Study: Puppets in the Government – Kathy Lee (co-author: Glenn Bailey) (videos) (slides)

Want to Watch -

The Truth, Nothing but the Truth: Why Type Systems are Important to Configuration Management – Henrik Lindberg, Puppet (videos) (slides)
Scaling Puppet and Puppet Culture at GitHub - Kevin Paulisse (videos) (slides)
Implementing Puppet within a Complex Enterprise – Jerry Caupain, KPN (videos) (slides)
Moving from Exec to Types and Providers – Martin Alfke, example42 GmbH (videos) (slides)
A Year in Open Source: Automated Compliance With Puppet – Trevor Vaughan, Onyx Point, Inc. (videos) (slides)
Automating Datastore Fleets with Puppet – Joseph Lynch, Yelp (videos) (slides)
Closing the Loop: Direct Change Control with Puppet – Nick Lewis, Puppet (videos) (slides)
Continuous Delivery and DevOps with Jenkins and Puppet Enterprise – Carl Caum, Puppet & Brian Dawson, CloudBees (videos) (slides)
Debugging Diversity – Anjuan Simmons, Assemble Systems (videos) (slides)
Direct Puppet and Application Management for the Puppet Platform – Ryan Coleman, Puppet (videos) (slides)
Puppet 4.x: The Low WAT-tage Edition – Nick Fagerlund, Puppet (videos) (slides)
Puppet Best Practices: Roles & Profiles – Gary Larizza, Puppet (videos) (slides)
Puppet Design Patterns - Lessons From the Gang of Four - David Danzilio (videos) (slides)
Device-Based Modules: Making Them as Simple as a Light Switch – TP Honey, Puppet (videos) (slides)
There is No “I” in DevOps – Bart Driscoll, Dell EMC (videos) (slides)
Writing Custom Types to Manage Web-Based Applications – Tim Cinel, Atlassian (videos) (slides)
Successful Puppet Implementation in Large Organizations – James Sweeny, Puppet (videos) (slides)
Best Practices for Puppet in the Cloud – Randall Hunt, Amazon & Andrew Popp, (videos) (slides)
Pulling the Strings to Containerize Your Life - Scott Coulton (videos) (slides)

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