Wednesday, November 9, 2016

youtube-dl to watch youtube offline

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youtube-dl -

As you may know, the puppetconf videos, slides, and photos have been released.  I have a friend who is on slow satellite internet with a data-cap, but he is excited about watching the videos.  I have a useful tool installed on my laptop called youtube-dl.  What this allows me to do is point it at the 'playlist' url for all of the videos from puppetconf, and it will download (in parts) all of the videos.

The below commands (and time and bandwidth) are all that I need to pull down all of the videos.  I can resume it if the connection gets interrupted (happened at about 32/94 for me the first day).  

$ mkdir -p ~/puppetconf2016
$ cd ~/puppetconf2016
$ brew install youtube-dl
$ youtube-dl --yes-playlist

After everything is finished downloading, I can transfer them to a USB drive for sharing with friends, and I can watch them while offline.

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